Wednesday, 3 February 2010

These are a few of our favourite things.....

This week's blog entry is going to focus on some actual items we've made. Following some advice from fellow users on We decided to show you a collection of our personal favourite Ideal Gifts products.
The first one is this beautiful canvas shopper bag.In the last blog we told you about our inspiration and it only seems appropriate to dedicate at least one item to the women who started us off. This is the Margaret Shopper bag £3.50 named after an inspirational great grandma!

Mint & Sea Salt Soap £1.95
This is one of our favourite items as it is one of the first soaps we ever made and it has been unbelievably popular at the home parties we sell at.We think it's appeal lies in the fact that its a good looking piece of soap that is neither masculine nor feminine. It's a brilliant everyday soap with a nice refreshing minty scent.
Blue Beaded Bracelet £3.50
This bracelet makes it onto the favourite list as it's one of a kind! It was a joy to make as it involved tipping a big bag of beads out and sorting through to find all the blue ones which to a beader is like being 'a kid in a sweet shop!'

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  1. Hi just stumbled across your blog and thought I would say hi. I love the way you sell all manner of handmade items, sort of a one stop shop.