Monday, 25 January 2010

Hello everyone, and now for a little introduction...

Ideal Gifts are a small company run by a one man craft machine! our aim is to provide everyone with the chance to buy beautiful handmade products and gifts with little effort.

The idea for Ideal Gifts started with a great grandma with a great talent.It was fascinating to see that with a little imagination you could make anything.Growing up in a world with little money but plenty of creativity was inspiring.

Ideal Gifts went from originally just giving personal gifts to friends to getting requests from people. It's wonderful to see that someone is impressed with something you have made and encouragement from loved ones led to selling online. Why not take a look at

We know not everyone has the time to create something spectacular to give as a gift which is why Ideal Gifts do the creating for you.It's as much a joy to give a good present as to receive one.

Thanks for reading x