Friday, 12 February 2010

A brief encounter into modern historical crafting!

Hello again, this week's blog focuses on the handmade community and all the talented people that are out there.Sites like, and feature an abundance of handmade artisans selling handmade treasures to suit anyone.From jewellery, cards and soaps to candles, ceramics and glass. There is something there for everyone.Like most creative types Ideal Gifts are interested in history and how creations from the past influence today. We have taken a particular interest in the BBC's history of the world through 100 objects. This series highlights how people have been creating and making for thousands of years. Back then one persons innovation and creative ability could change the world.In modern day craft, items can change the way a room looks, they can change the way we look or they can just bring a smile to the recipients face. The items we create are no longer based on the need for survival but on the need for pleasure. The idea that through creativity we are keeping a well established historical tradition alive is inspriring and Ideal Gifts would like to congratulate all those sellers who help contribute to this.
We have chosen two sellers that we believe demonstrate the link between our heritage and our modern lives to feature in this week's blog. They are Lauren Denney Ceramics and Badge the Badger. Two very different artists but both keeping creativity and innovation alive.

Lauren Denney Ceramics
Lauren Denney's ceramics tie in nicely to the idea of history linking with the present. The earliest pottery is thought to have been made in the Gravettian era,believed to be 29,000 to 25,000 BC.Clearly pottery is a craft that has survived the ages and still remains popular. The ceramics of the Gravettian age were functional but unattractive vessels. Lauren Denney's ceramics are beautiful pieces that bring together function and aesthetics and combine our historical need for practicality with our modern need for beauty.

Badge the Badger

On first instance the link between badges and history may not seem that clear. However, the idea of adorning ourselves with decorative objects first appeared 75,000 years ago.Decorating our bodies symbolised status, wealth and upbringing, concepts which are still followed today. Badges and other such items provide us with the opportunity to create a sense of personality and the fact that they are removable gives the owner a sense of authority over their own creativity.

Crafting and creating things is a huge part of our history and hopefully through sites like misi, folksy and etsy we can keep that tradition alive.Good luck everyone!
Thanks to Lauren Denney Ceramics and Badge the Badger for their cooperation.
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  1. A fantastic article - I am also fascinated by the long history (and pre-history) of trade of crafts and feel really honoured to be able to take part in this long tradition -long may it continue -thank you for a good read!

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